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Bahía Ballena National Park

National Park

Bahía Ballena

Bahía Ballena is the fifth district of the canton of Osa, on the southwest Pacific coast of Costa Rica. The district has an area of 160.76 km2 and has an estimated population of 3,306 inhabitants (2011).1 Its main village is Uvita, on the beach of the same name.

It was created by Executive Decree 20588-G-of-Government and Police on July 23, 1991, segregated from the first district, Puerto Cortés.

The district basically occupies a narrow coastal strip between the Pacific Ocean and the Coastal or Brunqueña Row.

Its beaches are strong swell and generally straight, suitable for surfing.

In this district is the Ballena Marine National Park, which has an extension of 110 ha land and 5,375 ha marine. It was created by Executive Decree No. 19441-MIRENEM (Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mines) of December 14, 1989.

This administrative unit has as its head the Villa of Uvita, and the following villages with official name: Bahía Ballena, Cambutal, Dominical, Dominicalito, Stairs, Piñuela, Playa Hermosa, Quebrada Grande, San Josecito, San Martín and Tortuga Arriba.


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