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Prusia Park



Before you reach the entrance of the Irazú Volcano, it is worth detouring to the left and visiting the Prussian sector. It is necessary to deviate down the street that passes in front of the Sanatorium Durán, by a complicated road that tests the suspension of the double traction cars. Next to the road, the view impresses, the center of Carthage looks like a scaled drawing. Then appear the gates of the Prussian sector of the Irazú Volcano National Park.

The park is open every day of the year from 8 a.m.

Inside there is a picnic area and several trails to go. In total, Prussia has 16 kilometers of trails open to the public, plus other restricted areas dedicated to research. In this sector you can walk the trails La Cajeta and El Bajo La Laguna, where the spring of the River Reventado is.

For walks it is recommended to wear sunscreen, repellent, layer, water, suitable footwear, comfortable clothing and a spotlight. Keep in mind that the altitude of the area can alter breathing and heart rate.


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