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Ventanas Beach



Its name takes it from the formation that the rocks have acquired in this form. It has an extension of 500 mt in length. Its sands are greyish and is of curvilinear coast, conducive to bathing. Tips, cliffs, canals, estuaries and islands, unspoilt wooded areas and great coastal vegetation, make up such a beautiful scenic setting.

A beach managed by the Ojochal Development Committee in the South Zone of Costa Rica.

Small beach but with natural beauties, caverns that blow when the waves collide with the stones and pass through the mountain, during low tide you can walk through them to see the waves breaking inside. During high tide, bodies of water that collide with the rocks expel jets of water through the mouths of the caves.

The Development Committee does an excellent job in maintaining the beach and the road that despite being ballast is in impeccable condition so that you can enter a single car, basic services such as drinking water, showers, dressing rooms and a parking for well-demarcated cars.

You can camp perfectly and at a very affordable cost, arriving before the beach closes the administrators.

Playa Ventanas is approximately 30 km by car from the Dominical area in the south of our country, and the best is close to other attractions such as the neighboring beaches, Ballena Marine National Park.


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