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We provide a space for National Artists for the exhibition of the Art that they develop with passion.

Mesa de Trabajo

Kamel González

Indigenous BRUN»CAJC , lives in the community of BORUCA.

«I am a fan of cats, especially the KURA^ (JAGUAR) and I sign my work as KURA^ DEN KA, which means “Footprint of the JAGUAR”

Ana Isabel Navarro #23

Ana Isabel Navarro

Self-taught Costa Rican artist, lives on tables, Pejibaye, Pérez Zeledón, Costa Rica, paints from a very young age. He is 40 years old, since he was 5 years old he made his first color mixtures, discovering the love for the art of painting, he has been more professionally dedicated to painting since the year 2000, doing exhibitions in different parts of the country. He works techniques such as oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, works on murals, among others.

All the images exhibited here are copyrighted by each exhibitor in this gallery. The partial or total reproduction of each material is prohibited, otherwise they must have an explicit authorization from the author.

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