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Eco-adventure La Ceiba


La ceiba

The Ceiba Ecoaventura is a place for mountain lovers with waterfalls immersed in the thickness of the mountain, located in the mountains on the way to Dominical from San Isidro del General in a village called Platanillo.

One of the features of the river is as if it were created above an entire stone slab with easy access from the main trails to the four waterfalls called La Raíz, El Tronco, El Pez de Piedra and El Sota.

The nights you can hear the sounds of the fauna from where giving a concert to visitors and hopefully starry sky. The cabins are equipped with basic appliances, comfortable beds, bathroom and sanitary services in perfect condition. The street already inside the Ceiba preferably double traction cars but in summer can sedans sedans without any problem, since they are in a mountainous area do not have asphalt.


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