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My Country Costa Rica are not only traditional tourist destinations, but new destinations where they have those options that give us the enjoyment and those memories that we want to because we do not want to go back to that place.

By this new year 2021, Mi País Costa Rica will be looking for places to visit in Costa Rica to that favorite tourist destination such as adventure, hiking, resting, medical, bird watching, and with the options that tourists are looking for without having to be traditional places, so that they have a menu of options, with better services, scenic beauties gastronomies and quality lodgings.



“Costa Rica is a complete country, it has everything a tourist can dream of and more. Volcanoes, jungle, beaches… nature to bore, and incredible biodiversity. What I like and support the most is their respect for animals and for taking care of their environment, you can see in the number of protected areas in the country and in the behavior of its inhabitants. In addition, the penthouse is very pure life, people cannot be kinder, and it is one of the countries of America where you feel safest when traveling.”

Kike Arnaiz
Spanish Travel Photographer

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Bahía Ballena 2020

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"We want to publicize place that are not normally on the tourist map,place that when they are going to fall in love"
Roberto Ramírez
CEO Mi País Costa Rica


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