City ​​and port


City ​​and port


Puerto Limón or Limón is a city in Costa Rica, head of the canton and province of the same name. It is located at a distance of 152 kilometers to the east of San José, capital of the Republic, on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. Its port is the largest and most important for commercial uses in this Central American country.

Puerto Limón was shaken by the 1991 earthquake. This earthquake affected both the city and the coastline.

Despite the fact that Spanish is the official language, other languages ​​such as English and Mekatelyu are practiced by the Afro-descendant population, which extends along the Atlantic coastal zone, as well as the indigenous languages ​​Bribri and Cabécar, in the cantons of Talamanca and Matina.

The canton was populated by indigenous tribes before the arrival of the Spaniards and in September 1502 Admiral Christopher Columbus reached the coast of Limon, during his fourth and last voyage. He docked his caravels on Quiribrí Island, today called La Uvita, which Columbus called La Huerta for the variety of its flora.

After two centuries of abandonment, through Decree 27 of June 6, 1870, the Limón region was created and Decree 61 of July 25, 1892 gave rise to the Municipality of the Limón region.

In 1871 construction work began on the railway to the Atlantic that would link San José with Puerto Limón in order to facilitate exports of Costa Rican coffee to Europe. A year later, the first Jamaican immigrants arrived to work on the railway works, bringing with them their language, culture, religion and gastronomy. In 1890 its construction finished and Costa Rica was thus united for the first time with its Caribbean coast and with the rest of the world.

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