Un lugar sin igual en el caribe sur de Costa Rica

Puerto Viejo is a coastal town in the state of Talamanca, located in the province of Limón in southeastern Costa Rica. The city was originally called the old port until the Costa Rican government established Spanish as the new local language and changed the name of the city in the area from English to Spanish. The field became Bribri, The Bluff became Cahuita, and the African Caribbean countries were actively dismantled. There is also a city called Puerto Viejo in the northeast of Costa Rica, which can confuse tourists. The bus leaves from the same station in San José and goes to two places, showing the same destination: “Puerto Viejo”.

The Port of Talamanca (Puerto Viejo de Talamanca) is a popular tourist attraction. It is known in the surfing community for having the biggest and strongest wave in Costa Rica, called “Salsa Brava”. It is also a beautiful beach like Playa Chiquita, Playa Negra and Punta Uva, these are the most spectacular beaches in Costa Rica and are located between Puerto Viejo and Manzanillo. The latter is a popular place for kayaking, located in the south, near the beach, 13 kilometers away. The popular “jaguar” wildlife rescue center is also nearby.

Puerto Viejo, Talamanca

A 45 minutos en avión, y por tierra unas 7 horas de San José.

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