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San José

San José is the capital of the Republic of Costa Rica and the head of the province of the same name. Located in the center of the country, specifically on the intervolcanic plateau called the Central Valley, San José is the most important political, economic and social center of the Costa Rican territory, as well as the main hub for transportation and telecommunications. Culturally, it can be considered almost entirely with European influence that Spanish and Italian immigration conferred on it after its discovery by Christopher Columbus, an influence that the Creoles also imported from France and Belgium, where the privileged class of the country generally studied in the XIX century and at the beginning of the XX century.

This can be seen in the layout of the city that grew around the current cathedral and later in the architecture of the theatres, museums and houses of the inhabitants of the city centre. Its name comes in honor of José de Nazareth.

Like the older cantons of the country, the central canton of San José was founded on December 7, 1848. The population arose around 1737-1738, and has been the capital of Costa Rica on three occasions: in 1822, from 1823 to 1834 and from 1838 to the present. It is a city with an interesting mix of history and modernity. The central area does not have a large population, since it is a commercial area. It is the most important place as a source of Costa Rican work, which brings together more than a million people during the day. The Metropolitan Area of ​​San José is made up of 13 cantons of the province and together with the Metropolitan Areas of Cartago, Heredia and Alajuela make up the Greater Metropolitan Area.

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