Los atardeceres mas hermosos del Pacífico norte de Costa Rica

Playa Esterillos is a beach located in the central Pacific Ocean of Costa Rica, 124 kilometers from the country's capital, San José, and near the city of Jaco. It is located in the state of Parita, province of Puntarenas. Esterillos is a wide, 7-kilometre-long beach, gray sand in color, linear and with an open coast, characterized by great natural wealth along the entire coastline, made up of palm and almond trees. Tropical forest.

It is divided into three parts: Esterillos Este, Esterillos Centro and Esterillos Oeste.

The beaches of Estrillos Centro and Este, separated by the Bejuco River, have areas of mangroves. Esterillos Oeste is characterized by rocky promontories and small streams, where fauna such as iguanas, crocodiles and various birds can be observed. Punta Judas separates it from Playa Hermosa. It has a rocky bottom with strong waves at high tide and another sandy bottom to the west. To the north of this beach, these rocks form natural pools where fossils can be found.

Esterillos Oeste is famous because La Sirena is located there, a sculpture of a mermaid sitting on a rock facing the sea. At high tide, the water covers the base of the work, so the statue emerges from the sea. This bronze monument is the work of the sculptor Albino Valverde.

These beaches can be easily reached by road throughout the year, which is why they are very well received by national and foreign tourists. In it you can do a multitude of recreational activities: surfing, snorkeling, diving, swimming, hiking and horseback riding, camping. There are many lodges and cabins in the area, as well as an airstrip.

Peninsula de Nicolla

A 45 minutos en avión, y por tierra unas 6 horas de San José.

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